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Maxwell Scientific sets in teaching chemistry. Choose from one of our 40 chemistry kits, developed especially for Maxwell Scientific by the Chemistry department at Yale University. All kits have been safety-tested. Chemicals are enlosed in protected bottles, using Maxwell Scientific's patented spillproof system.

Featured Chemistry Products

Comments From Our Chemistry Customers

Maxwell Scientific is THE recognized leader in chemistry supplies for middle schools and high schools. Sample a few responses from our satisfied customers.
"My 7th grade class greatly enjoyed working with your Solid Waste Recycling kit. Thank you for this fun and educational product."
Thea Moore. Chicago, IL
"I greatly appreciate your high-quality science kits. The Chemistry 2000 kit in particular, is excellent."
George Dawes. Denver, CO
"Thank you for you great chemistry products. You've made my chemistry class one of the most popular at our high school."
Dawn Black. Tacoma, WA

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