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Spring is coming, and it's time for the annual toothpick bridge competition. Don't watch your bridges collapse! Instead come to Maxwell Scientific for high-quality materials and adhesives. Maxwell Scientific also provides educational material to teach basic engineering principles and help your students design the best structures. When it comes time to put those bridges to the test, look towards Maxwell Scientific for precision structure testers.

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Comments From Our Engineering Customers

Here are a few comments from the satisfied customers of our engineering products. Perhaps your name will be up here next year. Order today!
"Our science olympiad was the most successful one ever, thanks to your toothpick bridge kits. Thank you!"
Robin Che. Bridgeport, CA
"I just had to e-mail you to let you know what a big hit the History of Bridges video was with my third grade class. I now have a class of future engineers on my hands."
Mary Rockwell. Milwaukee, WI
"Everything said about your products proved to be true. It's made my science class a joy to teach."
Olivia Sanchez. Seattle, WA

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