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Mayer Photography photography samples

"I'm so pleased with their work. I call Mayer Photography on almost every special occasion."

Barbara Lee, Whitenburg

Special Prices, Special People

During the month of May, Mayer Photography is reducing the price of its family portraits by 15%. If you've delayed creating that special photo, don't delay any longer, and get it at a special price. As always, Mayer Photography will offer competitive discounts for large groups and organizations.

Digital Photography

As you can see from our Web site, Mayer Photography is not shy about jumping into the computer age. If you have a PC or Macintosh, look into our scanning services. We can take your photos and convert them into graphics files suitable for desktop wallpaper or the World Wide Web. We can also use our imaging software to enhance your photos with special effects. Call us for details. You can also e-mail us at: