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Welcome to Mr. Dubé's Web site. I hope you will use this site to learn more about your class, my expectations, and chemistry in the world around you.

Chemistry Classes

Conceptual Chemistry
An introductory course requiring basic math but no algebra
Chemistry I
An introductory course requiring solid algebra skills
Applied Chemistry
An introductory course requiring solid algebra skills and an interest in using critical thinking to solve real-world, chemistry-related problems
Advanced Placement Chemistry
An advanced course requiring a grade of A or B in Chemistry I and designed for students who want to prepare for the AP Chemistry exam (which can count toward college credits)


Homework will be given daily, is due at the beginning of the period the school day after it was assigned, and will be worth 5 to 10 points. A periodic quiz consisting of 1 or 2 homework problems from the past week may be given in lieu of collecting homework.

Tests and quizzes will be used to check your understanding of concepts, procedures, and information. Quizzes will be worth 10 to 25 points and will be given at least once a month. Tests will be worth up to 100 points and will be given 2 or 3 times a quarter.

Labs will be worth 10 to 30 points and will be graded on safety, participation, and write-up. I expect neat handwritten or typed reports. I'll also assign small research projects throughout the semester.

You must make up missed tests and quizzes the day you return, and you must submit missed homework assignments and labs within two days for every one day you missed. Failure to make up work within these time frames will result in a 0 for that test or assignment.


I can meet with you before or after school. I will also be in my room (H113) during most lunch hours. Please do not hesitate to stop in if you need extra help -- do not wait! Chemistry is a building subject, and it is very hard to catch up once you fall behind.


We will be doing lab work nearly every week. Because of the potential danger of any lab exercise, I will hold you to the highest standards of behavior, and will remove you from the class if you pose a threat to yourself or other students.
  1. Follow my written and oral directions carefully and immediately.
  2. Never perform any procedure not specifically directed by me or assigned in the lab.
  3. No playful behavior is permitted in the lab.
  4. Safety equipment must be worn as directed at all times, even if you find it uncomfortable or unbecoming.
  5. No food, drinks, or loose clothing are permitted in the lab.

Chemistry with Dubé is like medicine with a spoonful of C12H22O11!