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Must have...

Brainbench test

Received 87%!

Non-Designer's Web Book and Workshop quiz

Submit the answers to the The Non-Designer's Web Book and Web Design Workshop quiz.

PhotoShop Final Project (added for PhotoShop Certificate)

Complete all assignments in the Photoshop 7.0 HOT Book.

Design an Interface that includes slicing, rollovers, and animation. Use your own photos, images and design for the site.

Include a Web Photo Gallery, an animated slide show.

Transparent GIF

Seamless tile

A Logo for your Site

Create a web site to showcase the book assignments.

Upload the final project items to your web site

Email Robin at Robin Wood, teacher when complete

and, Celebrate!


8 pages

Add homework link

Section headers - used appropriately Bold and italic fonts (use sparingly!)

Centered text


List: An ordered, unordered, or definition list

Horizontal rules

Graphic Images - be sure to use Height, Width, and Alt tags on your images. (links to image sites can be found at

E-mail links and Navigation bars (that allow you to navigate most/all the pages in your site) at the bottom of every page.

Contact information at the bottom of every page.

A table

Links to other pages & external sites. You can verify that your links are working here

Special characters

A form (including JavaScript functions)

Background & text color (search the web for images or click here). If you use a background image be sure that it does not overpower the page. Text can be difficult to read on photos and busy backgrounds. Be sure to use text colors that contrast with the background image.

CSS - inline, embedded, or linked stylesheets (optional). If you use CSS on your site, make sure that your site looks clean in Netscape 4.7. For more info on Netscape and CSS search for resources.

All pages must have meaningful titles. Your site should be XHTML compliant and you should validate it prior to submitting it to your instructor.

Meta tags: Create Meta Tags for your site and register your site with the search engines. For additional information on Meta Tags and registering your site with search engines click here.

Check to see if your pages are "Accessible" at Bobby.

Post link to message board

Email Robin at Robin Wood, teacher when complete