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Deborah Weber              Web Site Design - Spring ‘04      Non-Designers Web Book Assignment

The Non-Designer's Web Book and The Web Design Workshop

Estimated Completion: 3 weeks
Texts: The Non-Designer's Web Book, Williams, Tollett, PeachPit Press
Web Design Workshop, Williams, Tollett, Rohr.
Cost: $32.00 & 36.00

In order to be successful in the web page design field it is essential that you learn appropriate design skills in addition to HTML coding. The Non-Designer's Web Book & Web Design Workshop are excellent guides for designing and creating appealing web sites. In order to complete the web design curriculum within the allotted 27 weeks, some homework is assigned. Both books should be read at home and completed within a three-week time frame.

Note:  Chapter 2 in the Non-Designers Web Book is a bit outdated.  Many of the Search Engines are no longer available or have drastically changed.  I would recommend that you try the techniques that the book teaches on and

In addition to the two design book, read the following web sites:

Web Style Guide -  (read the entire site)

What to Submit:

Answer the following questions.  When answering these questions please use your own thoughts/words. Please type your answers, print, and submit to your instructor for review. 

Non-Designer's Web Book:

What are the seven important rules to follow when naming files for the web? Seven important rules to follow when naming files for the web are: do not includ spaces, commas, use slashes, and/or...

Why is it important to not mix alignments on a web page? It is important not to mix alignments on a web page because it tends to be unreadable or unpleasant for the viewer. (?)

What is repetition and why is it important on a web site?

            Repetition on a web site is important for establishing continuity and an overall theme/style for the site. (?)

List the steps for creating a web site plan:

            The steps for creating a web site plan are:…

What is the URL of a site with good navigation structure and why?

            X is the URL of a site with good navigation structure. It has a good structure because…

List ten design mistakes:

            Ten design mistakes people commonly make are: …

List five elements of good design:

            Five elements of good design are: …

When should you use the GIF file format?

            You should use the GIF file format when using line art or non-photographic images. (?)

When should you use the JPEG file format?

            You should use the JPEG file format when using photographic images on your page/site. (?)

How do you find out the file size of an image? The file size of an image can be discovered by...

What typeface is easier to read on the screen? Truetype and Sans-serif styles are easiest to read on a computer screen.(?)

What are seven guidelines for text usage on a web page? The seven guidelines for text usage are:

What things should you look for when you're testing your site? When testing your site, you should look for ... in order to make it as useful and readable as possible.

What should you do to test your site? You should always test your site when...

What FTP information should you ask your provider or host? You should ask your provider or host FTP information for...

Web Design Workshop

What techniques can you use to add interest to your images? Techniques to add interest to images include:

When meeting with a client, what type of written documentation should the designer bring to the meeting? (hint:  see page 94) The types of written documentation that a designer should bring to a client meeting are:

List five of the most typical browser incompatibilities when you're testing a site: The five most typical browser incompatibilities found when testing a site are:

What types of pages/sites do search engines have trouble indexing? Search engines have trouble indexing...

What helps to control the position of elements in a layout? Tables and CSS formatting help to control the position of elements in a layout.

What are the four goals for site navigation systems? The four goals for site navigation systems are...

What three fonts (specifically designed for screen resolution), are available on a Mac and Windows machine? Three fonts available on both Mac and Windows systems are: Arial, Times New Roman, Verdana.

What are two advantages of CSS? Improved page layout and ...

What are some of the drawbacks of frames? Some of the drawbacks of frames are