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Persia / Iran

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My experience working for a Persian company in the U.S.

I worked for Advanced MP Technology. Their web site is located at:

It was enjoyable, tough, fun, and an eye-opening experiance working for a Persian-run company. If they ever go public, I would want to buy their stock. I worked for them from August '93 - Spring '97

During that time, I was the marketing coordinator working hand-in-hand with Kamran Malek, our VP of Marketing. I checked the web site in December 2003 and noticed it is still very much the same.

The company, Advanced MP Technology, buys and sells electronic components. It was amazing (as a young woman) to work for a company who treated you fairly, paid you as well as the men (to the best of my knowledge) and who would, I found out, would pay you more and as much as you were worth, provided you did a great job to help bring in the money.

It was a glorious place to be.

It was the first (and last) company environment where sexism was kept to a minimum and the rate of pay seemed to be actually based on performance. As a result, I felt respected and valued. I did my job, learned a tremendous amount of things about marketing, the high-tech industry, discovered the enjoyment of a good haggling and finally, was able to beat someone at Monopoly and Win! And, while I had normal work issues from time to time, nonetheless, respected and liked my boss, my co-workers, and enjoyed working there.

by Deborah Weber (

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