Peckoltia sp. ("Tapajos Orange-Fin Tiger") - Brazil: Tributary of Rio Tapajos S43147 Chaestostoma sp 'Columbia' 146 Venezuela-Chaestostoma Head spotted Peckoltia L 147a Chaestostoma German site (w/correct picture) L148 TOTAL SPOTTED CHAETOSTOMUS SP. L 148 CHAETOSTOMUS SP. Bildautor: mit freundlicher Genehmigung von Ingo Seidel opt. L 146 HEAD SPOTTED CHAETO Belgium Chaetostoma Species Mooi viske. Herkomst: Columbia Size: 12-15cm Price: vanaf EUR Liersesteenweg 161/A B-2220 Heist-op-den-Berg Belgium +32 (0) 15/25 79 80 +32 (0) 15/25 79 83 Fax +32 (0) 15/25 79 81 American The bulldog plec - Chaetostoma thomasi I am having great difficulty finding any details about the bulldog plec other than those shown here. I have just acquired two for my South-American themed tank. They are an extremely attractive fish with speckled noses and scales with dark edges that give the fish a striking patternation. Like other members of their family, the eyes have an extra structure at the top than can be expanded and contracted to control the amount of light entering the eye. The whiptail catfish shares this trait. These fish are generally very peaceful and are often recommended for discus setups. One thing to bear in mind is that bulldogs appreciated flowing, well oxygenated water as is suggested by their streamlined shape and sucker mouth. From: South-America Size: Upto 4". Water: SofT to medium pH: 6-7 Temperature: 75F-82F Feeding: Bulldogs are very efficient algae eaters and also need wood to rasp for the lignin it contains. Other than this they will appreciate cucumber, blanched lettuce and blanched spinach held in a vegetable clip. My bulldogs also love frozen blood worm which suggests they are omniverous Named after H. S. Thomas. Show 13 LORICARIIDAE L&LDA Nos up to 130mm ENTRIES 6 1 G COWAN SOLWAY. L128 Chaetostoma sm spotted 84 2 K LAWN C.S.G. L121 Peckoltia sp 'worm line' 83 3 D & L SPEED C.S.G. L163 Big Spot Peckoltia 82 4 R & K KIRKUP RAINBOW L128 Chaetostoma sm spotted 81
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