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Movie Gazette Technical Brief / Making Dynamic URLs Static (source:


Contra Costa ROP Class Site

Multicultural Project requirements

Class Links:

Class Links:

Multicultural Project requirements


Browser-Safe Palette Organized by Hue Adapted from Lynda Weinman and Bruce Heavin Coloring Web Graphics, p. 32

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E-Commerce Sites   "osCommerce is an online shop e-commerce solution under on going development by the open source community. Its feature packed out-of-the-box installation allows store owners to setup, run, and maintain their online stores with minimum effort and with absolutely no costs or license fees involved." or Zen-Cart   The Art of E-Commerce Designed for Online Merchants - "Zen Cart truly is the art of e-commerce; a free, user-friendly, open source shopping cart system. The software is being developed by group of like-minded shop owners, programmers, designers, and consultants that think e-commerce could be and should be done differently. Some "solutions" seem to be complicated programming exercises instead of responding to users' needs, Zen Cart puts the merchant's and shopper's requirements first. Similarly, other programs are nearly impossible to install and use without an IT degree, Zen Cart can be installed and set-up by anyone with the most basic computer skills. Others are so expensive ... not Zen Cart, it's FREE!"

CIT Training: Materials

Materials, including MicroSoft software viewers

HTML/Meta Code Reference Site

HTML/Meta Code Reference Site

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Vanguard Index Funds

Bureau - car repair

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my redo of Tyme's site

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Knitting - Chemo hat

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Knitting - Socks!

Crop Top

local knitting shop

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"Warm Up America" knitted blankets

Craft Yarn Council

lacy triangle afghan

duck project - sweater

log cabin crocheted afghan

Knit Web Ring

Punk Rock Knitting

knit/weave pattern

Doggie blanket clothes

Marsan Hat

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Church of Craft
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Art Glass World

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Meridian Vineyards 2001 Chardonnay
Cavit 2001 Pinot Grigio
Callaway Vineyards 2001 Coastal Selection Merlot
Beaulieu Vineyards (BV) 2000 Cabernet Sauvignon

Traveling with Dogs

Total Escape - Destinatins w/dogs

Roving With Rover


Job Hunting

Coffee: Beanery, Inc. | Akbar Fazeli | Berkeley CA Phone: 510 665 1404

Peet's Coffee and Tea | Doug Welsh | Berkeley CA
Phone: 800 999 2132

Uncommon Grounds, Inc. | Orrel Lanter | Berkeley CA
Phone: 510 644 4451

McLaughlin Coffee Company | Michael McLaughlin | Emeryville CA
Phone: 510 428 2951

Marin Coffee Roasters | Ed Wall | Novato CA
Phone: 415 256 1373

Adam's Organic Coffees | Adam Teitelbaum | Oakland CA
Phone: 510 763 1763

Due Torri Caffe | Joseph Virzi | Oakland CA
Phone: 510 893 5282

Mr. Espresso | John DiRuocco | Oakland CA
Phone: 510 287 5200

Peerless Coffee Co. | George Vukasin | Oakland CA
Phone: 510 763 1763

Lapperts Ice Cream and Coffee | Michael Lappert | Richmond CA
Phone: 510 231 2340

Capricorn Coffees, Inc. | Andi Trindle Walker | San Francisco CA
Phone: 415 621 8500

Jeremiah's Pick | Jules Kragen | San Francisco CA
Phone: 415 206 9900

Quetzal | Fredrick Charron | San Francisco, CA
Phone: 415 673 4181

Vasquez Coffee Co | Todd Temple | San Francisco CA
Phone: 415 824 2925

Vigal Coffee | Todd Elliot | San Jose CA
Phone: 800 298 4425

LaDonna's Coffee Co. | Michael LeDonna | San Luis Obispo CA
Phone: 805 595 9539

Organic Coffee Co. | Pete Rogers | San Leandro CA
Phone: 888 829 8886

Equator Estate Coffees & Teas, LLC | Helen M. Russel | San Rafael CA
Phone: 415 485 2213

Tom & Dave's Specialty Coffee | Tom Piccirillo | San Rafael CA
Phone: 415 454 5120

?-Mountanos Bros. Coffee Co. | Michael Mountanos | South San Francisco CA
Phone: 650 952 5446


Other Student's site: Bookclub

Jason Webley

Dale Berry - Comics or What My Ex-Boyfriends are Up To

Studio G press reports

Comicon '03

Silver Bullet comics

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Student site: Sedona

All Purpose Knitted Afghan

"This pattern goes fast and is easy to remember." -- Margaret Roosevelt

Materials needed:
40 oz. 4-ply worsted weight yarn for large afghan
Size 10 circular needles

For large afghan cast on 210 sts, for a small one cast on 144 sts.
Pattern is a multiple of 11 sts + 1.

Row 1: K1, *yo, k3, k2 tog, k2 tog, k3, yo, k1.
Repeat from * to end, k1.
Row 2: Purl
Row 3: Knit
Repeat rows 1-3 until desired length.

ASP Links/Hints

Movie Gazette Technical Brief / Making Dynamic URLs Static (source:

(text only follows)

Movie Gazette Technical Brief
Making Dynamic URLs Static

or how to have a database driven site with no query strings appearing in the urls

The method used on this site relies on an asp custom 404 error page (it needs to be set as a URL, not a file). I first heard of this technique at 4 Guys From Rolla in an article describing how it was used to manage redirects of about 6000 pages when the site was restructured. I have also drawn on other sources so I claim no credit for any originality on my part!

The error handler first analyses the url request and only then executes the necessary database query. The important snippet of asp code looks something like this:-

' step one grab the identity of the page from the query sent to the 404 page:- strOrigURL = lcase(request.servervariables("QUERY_STRING") )

' step two check if it meets your criteria or is a genuine 404, in my case, I just wanted to check that the page requested belonged to a particular directory and had a numeric name.

if instr(strOrigURL,"/cinereviews/") >0 then

' step three - collect the numeric id requested

intStart = instr(strOrigURL,"/cinereviews/") + 13

intReview = replace(mid(strOrigURL,intStart),"/","")

' step 4 go fetch the record from the database in the usual way

mySQL = "select * from Reviews where id=" & intReview %>

This technique can be used to build whole sites, power a CMS or just serve pages within one directory.

meric id requested

intStart = instr(strOrigURL,"/cinereviews/") + 13

intReview = replace(mid(strOrigURL,intStart),"/","")

' step 4 go fetch the record from the database in the usual way

mySQL = "select * from Reviews where id=" & intReview %>

This technique can be used to build whole sites, power a CMS or just serve pages within one directory.

Do test thoroughly that the page when served returns a 200 ok code to the browser since search engines will choke on 304 or 404 codes. It should do, but it is worth checking.

Your page usage stats will probably be confused by this technique so it is worth setting up an additional script to analyse details of the requests for your custom 404 page.

You can adapt this technique so that it uses a proper name for pages instead of the numeric ID which I use. In my case I was concerned to ensure that the page names were always unique and the obvious field in my database (the Movie Title) did not, on its own, ensure that this would always be the case. There are benefits in having a meaningful url since some search engines use the url in their ranking algorithm.

The detail of what you will need to add to your code will vary according to your application, but I hope I have described the principle adequately. Good luck and let me know if you need more information.

Tim Marchant

PS: I have also thought of doing a couple of other write ups:-

XHTML - The trials and tribulations of converting Movie Gazette to XHTML 1.1 at the end of 2003.

Anti-leaching Script. The asp script I use to prevent bloggers and forum users ripping off my bandwidth by displaying Movie Gazette images in their posts. This got to be a big problem, in just one instance a forum was using one of my images 700 times a day. This means this one guy was screwing me for 700 x 10Kb = 7MB of bandwidth per day. If they linked back to me then I would be thrilled to bits, but they never bother. Whilst it is flattering that people like my images enough that they want to use them (and they are copyright of the studios anyway) it was getting out of hand. I decided to put a stop to it. If you think these might interest you, let me know

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